Free Eye Testing and Dental Check-up

Camp conducted by Peace Welfare Society , in Balijagudem, R.R. Dist, Hyderabad, A.P, India, in co-ordination with NSS Activities in 2011-2012, and VITS, Hyderabad



In this contemporary Society, cost of living of an individual has risen to such an extent that for a person, protecting health has become a sour grape. Hence, we truly believe that health especially, “eyes”, general health has become a barrier for middle class, poor people. The eye is the most sophisticated and natural camera, people are neglecting the importance of eyes due to ignorance and lack of awareness. If precaution is not taken in the initial stages,it may surely lead to permanent loss of sight. To educate the poor and the downtrodden we have taken up the rural health awareness camps duly utilizing the community halls and transforming them into temporary rural virtual class rooms. After completion of free eye checkup, an immediate report will be handed over to the concerned person along with the required counseling, providing spectacles and required medicines. The persons who need to undergo major surgeries will be referred to the Government Hospitals/Charitable Hospitals for further treatment.